Paris to Luxembourg

One road. No turns. Great countryside. But lots of rain.
After four excellent nights in Paris, I left on Friday morning, heading east towards Luxembourg. A few hours to break free from the urban metropolis of Paris and the landscape flared out once again into the beautiful French countryside with Autumn coloured sleepy villages – I cycled away without any navigation for over 300km, on the straightest road I’ve ever cycled. I even managed to catch three or four different rainbows, including the smallest rainbow ever known to man…

But the nice weather was short lived. It’s so cold now (between 3-9C degrees), I really don’t have the right clothes or sleeping bag to keep me warm. Someone also stole/binned the rain-cover for my bar bag in Paris, so when it started raining, I had to improvise with a rather dashing Lidl  bag ‘advertisement’ on the front of my bike. If that wasn’t scruffy enough, with my waterlogged feet and wind, it was so cold that in order to stop my feet falling off, I had to heat up some water in a pot and dip them into it, just so I could keep cycling (no photos of this for dignity reasons). On Saturday it didn’t stop raining from dawn to dusk, so it was a chilly dinner prepared under the outer sheet of my tent, with a cold beer and a movie on the laptop to cheer me up.

My bike had a lot of fun in the rain too – mud, leaves and twigs clogged up between my mudguards and wheels, so they wouldn’t even turn anymore! I had to scoop it all out with a tent peg.

Yet another long day of cycling in pouring rain, I crossed the border into the pint sized awesomeness that is Luxembourg – half a million people, probably half a million cows, lots of hills too. It’s one of the most developed and richest countries in the world, even with its own language, Luxembourgish (who knew eh?). I met up with Kathy, a couchsurfer from Germany who is studying here and has let me crash at her place for a couple of days whilst we look around the capital.

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3 Responses to Paris to Luxembourg

  1. Nick says:

    Hey dude!

    I’ve just cycled from London-Paris, and am planning my next leg, to take me to Passau and the Danube River. I’m considering cycling Paris – Luxembourg, and was wondering if you had a map of the route that you took, or an idea of how hard it was to find campsites in the area?


  2. admin says:

    Hey Kelvin. I took a really long and straight road. It is mainly farmland in this part of the country, and fairly flat. Don’t expect to see anything too exciting. As far as daily routes are concerned, I just made it up as I went, and I can’t remember the detail, sorry. I went from Paris to Luxembourg in 3 days, taking main roads D3 and D603 to Verdun, then country roads after that. It sounds like a nice trip your planning, hope you have a good time!

  3. Kelvin Alley says:

    Thanks for your blog. I am thinking of doing Paris to Frankfurt via Luxembourg next year, and interested in the daily route that you took Paris to Luxembourg. I want to link then with Mosel, Rhein and Main Rivers. Regards Kelvin Alley

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