And back to the Netherelands

My plan as of two days ago: Cycle back across the coast of the Netherlands, to Rotterdam, take a few nice pictures of windmills or something, and sum up my trip. Reality: Got to Netherlands, didn’t want to pay for boat across river, decided to take long way round via tunnel. Cycled 20km to tunnel, no bikes allowed. Only other way to cross is back in Antwerp in Belgium. Cycled 50km back to Belgium, meets cyclist, gives tour of Antwerp. Meets another cyclist, gives a better tour of Antwerp and buys me coffee. Cycle north, back to Netherlands. Meets cycle tourer coming back from Turkey and cycle together to Rotterdam.

So I think that sums it up pretty nicely. Things have rarely turned out the way I thought they would – everyday has been an adventure.

Glad to be back in the Netherlands though – I love it here. Especially those little towns that have speakers on every lampost, playing you music.

The awesome cycle-path signs are back. All of these are for bikes…

Peanut butter sandwiches, cycle-paths and sheep.

A little tour of the beach…

A foggy morning before sunrise…

And after sunrise…

And now I’m back in Rotterdam, where I started a basically unplanned loop around Europe 170 days ago. All that’s left is a short cycle to Hook of Holland and then that’s it. It’s back home for me.

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2 Responses to And back to the Netherelands

  1. Eric says:

    Was the ferry THAT expensive?

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